About Us
Since 1998, TopDirector has been developing Character Generator, On-air Server, All-in-one Studio which replaced traditional devices with IT technology for video production and broadcasting.

As an official NDI® authorized developer & certified advanced licensee, TopDirector presents a suite of live production apps on iOS & iPadOS, including “TopDirector (Multi-cam live stream switcher for NDI)”, “TopDirectorCam (NDI camera with chromaKey, slow-motion and teleprompter)”, “NDI Player (Create list play NDI sources instantly)” and “TopDirectorView (Up to 9 NDI channels multi-view, PTZ control, record and video scopes)”. TopDirector also supplies the external Bluetooth control panel with T-Bar and physical buttons which is perfect for professional users.

With the well-known high efficiency of NDI and Apple’s most powerful silicon chips, TopDirector family apps have owned millions of downloads. TopDirector has already become a symbol of the stable, portable, affordable, unbeatable live production mobile studio.
TopDirector Family Product

Character Generator
1998 Announced

TopDirector Family Product

OnAir Server
2003 Announced

TopDirector Family Product

All-in-one Studio
2007 Announced

TopDirector Founder Jason
Jason Jiang, a programmer and businessman, a husband and two kids' father. Founded the TopDirector brand with passion in 1998, now enjoying programming and his family life in southern California every single day.