Jason Jiang, a programmer and businessman, a husband, and two kids' father. Established his business in 1998 with passion, now enjoying programming and his family life in southern California every single day.
Since 1998, we have been developing products such as Character Generator, On-air Sever, and All-in-one Studio. All of these are based on computer platforms that have replaced traditional hardware products for video production, broadcast, and video switch, etc.

Nowadays, the video industry has been deeply integrated with IT technology. The TopDirector App we present runs on an iPhone or iPad, which can easily realize various features such as video switch and live stream. We firmly believe that, with its subversive innovative ideas, extreme portability, and affordable cost, the TopDirector App will eventually replace all the expensive and complex traditional video switchers and desktop computer products.

Character Generator
1998 Announced


OnAir Server
2003 Announced

TopDirector_All-in-one Studio

All-in-one Studio
2007 Announced

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