1. Make sure that both of TopDirector and TopDirectorCam have been connected to SAME ONE wifi network.
  2. Generate the QR-Code on TopDirector by "Camera -> Setting -> Wireless Camera: Camera 1/2/3/4 -> TopDirectorCam", beware to enable the TopDirectorCam camera input switch ( otherwise "Disabled" label will be displayed on camera preview).
  3. Scan QR-Code on TopDirectorCam by "Setting(Gear in frame)".
  4. Press "OK" if iOS/iPadOS asking you if you want TopDirector to use your Local Network(Double check it in iOS/iPadOS setting then).
  5. Tap the "Start(Big red circle)" button to start working on TopDirectorCam, "Restart TopDirector if necessary".
  6. Plus, poor network bandwidth tends to affect the connection, please try to improve the network environment.
  1. Login your social media account by a browser (Beware to use a browser, not App, since not all social media apps have full features of it)
  2. Create a new steaming session and you will get a "url" and a "stream key" string
  3. Open TopDirector App setting tableview, find out the "Stream" textfield, input your "url/stream key", please beware that there is no any space, ony "/" to connect url and stream key.
  4. Tap the "OnAir" button on the PGM monitor which is on the top right corner, enable the "Stream" switch, then tap the "START"
  5. TopDirector App supports up to 3 stream url setting to implement youTube, facebook, twitter etc. streaming simultaneously
TopDirector and TopDirectorCam App support RTSP, RTP, UDP, SRT protocol for communication, that means you can also use any other product which supports same protocol as an input source.
For live streaming, TopDirector is using RTMP protocol and will soon support SRT if major video share platforms switch to it in near future.
Yes, absolutely. The excellent interface design and adaptive layout of the TopDirector App can meet various screen sizes of iPad and iPhone. 
Although the monitor on the iPhone is smaller than the iPad, iPhone is undoubtedly more portable
than iPad.
Also, you can use iPhone or iPad to run the TopDirectorCam (not the TopDirector) as an input  source. 
Yes, you can. Usually we use the most convenient express such as USPS, or we can try other way to deliver your order.
We are unable to ship to re-shippers, or package forwarding services.
You will see an interactive tutorial automatically at the first running, and you can review it at "About -> Tutorial" at anytime.
Typically you can use any USB-C/Lighting to Mic/Line hub because this is a standard product, but if possible, please try to choose a more popular brand for stability and service.
You need add your font first, Apple allow user adds any localized language fonts since iOS 13, search fonts in App Store you can get many more choices. 
The answer is NO.
You can use iOS front/rear camera or any other iPhones or iPads(up to 4,  by running TopDirectorCam App) as input source. The video encoder is only for the user who want to use traditional camera with HDMI or SDI output.